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App to command MH200

Suppose I would like to write my own app to communicate with a MH200 module for testing purposes.

Ideally it would be something like a textfield where you input the address and an execute button. (light 14 On/Off for instance)

Where do I start? How are the messages formatted?

What protocol does the Bticino databus (and MH200) use? Is het OpenWebNet?

Thanks for your time!



Yeah, it uses OWN.

It's very straight forward once you get the hang of it. What you really need to know before hand is the following:

For a proper integration, you need to use 2 (two) TCP/IP sessions to the MH200N, one for monitoring the BUS, so you get all of the feedbacks fed into your program, and one for sending out the commands to control devices.

Bticino uses port number 20000.

The monitoring session, is opened by sending the following command: *99*1##, after that the session is permanent, no need to renew it. Once opened you will get ALL of the feedback of what's happening in the BUS. Everything.

The command session on the other hand is opened by sending: *99*0##, and it has to be kept alive every 30secs IIRC. In that session you can send OWN commands for controlling devices, and you'll get an ACK or NACK as a feedback if your command was successful or not.

Really recommend reading all ~20 PDFs on OWN.

Hope this helps.

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