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Authentication System


Since the netatmo & Legrand account has been merged i want to clarify how it's works now with the oauth2 process.

Correct me if there is a mistake but it is what i have understood:
- When we create an account with the Home+ App the created account is a Netatmo Account
- The oauth2 process use a Home+ Legrand account
- To use the oauth2 process with a "new Netatmo account" we must create & link a Home+ Legrand accunt in the settings of the Home+ App.

Am I correct ? If yes, the process is a bit complicate so will it be soon easier ?


Hello Fabien,

You totally understood the current process 😉

Indeed, it's a bit complicated but it's temporary. Our Netatmo and Legrand developers are working on a way to unify this process in the next few months

Of course, all users will be warned of it

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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