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Auto-Off & multiple actions by 1 trigger

Hello Leslie,


I’d like to ask you about 2 features I’m waiting for more than 2 years.

1st one seems to be on the table those days, so:

would be nice to have possiblity to set auto-off rules for lights (at least). today you can set a smart notification to appear if light is turned on for some time, so why not to make this possible to turn it off also? I know it’s done for wireless switches, but works only if you turn the light using wireless switch, if you turn the light on by wired switch, you have to push also wireless one to start the timer. Is there any discussion about this?

2nd one is basically about scenarios – being able to turn on/off other lights or socket based on previous trigger. Without need of scenario’s switch.  To explain: after turning the light in bathroom on, i would like to turn on also the fan, all done by pressing switch from bathroom’s light.


Thank you in advance for your reply.


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