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c2c updating

I finally set the link.

But I don't receive regulary notification.

What kind of errors have you?

When receive a notification, what my server has to send back?



I noted that if I use hard buttons for Home and Away scenarios the notifications work well.

When I start scenario from app Home and Away I have a lot of notifications but of single items and the notifications freeze.

I have full log if need you I can send by mail



Hi Sandro,

We don't see any error on our side. You always have to return 200 OK, no matter the payload, in less than 500ms. It seems to be OK on this side according to the elements we have

Concerning your second message, it seems there is an issue. You should receive the state changes of your devices impacted by a scene but not the scene launch event

You can send me the logs you have, we will maybe find more information about it

We investigate on your issue and I come back to you as soon as I have more information

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Now it's ok.

But after few minutes I need to send the subscription request for receive notifications.



I sent you by email the two logs one for sender and another for server.

After 30 minutes the notifications stopped.




Sandro can you please explain ho w you did in order to receive the c2c notifications? Which kind of web address did you use?



<p style="text-align: left;">Luca</p>

I used https with public certificate and my public IP address.

Don't waste time on it. It's totally unsable and probably don't fully tested.

I noted some changes on notification form starting my test and now.

And I'm waiting an answer form Leaslie about the logs sent.



Hello Sandro,

We see that after 36 minutes of use your script crash. Can you still reproduce this behaviour ?

Also, can you please send me your script in order to test it on our side ? There is maybe an issue due to server's restriction judging that the behaviour of launching scenes in such a short time is a little "weird", so he would block them. We investigate on it too

(For information we are also looking at your 400 error for Set plant's automations status on your other topic)

Thanks for your elements and have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

My script don't crashed, I stopped it ctrl + c

I'll send you my script by email.

Please rename it in .js




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