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Cannot See Light Energy Consumption in Home + Control App

Hello Everyone!

I have installed many components of Legrand Netatmo including Switch for Lights (more than 10)  , Outlets and Conductors.

Everything is working perfect except for the energy consumptions for lights. I have set of course the Power of each lights in Watts from the Home + Control App but nothing show after many days of usage ( The lights are led dimmable) .

I have also tried to add a fake big number for Watts , for example 300 in order to see more quickly results in the app, because I suppose the way it is working is to multiply the Watts with the On Time of switch, again nothing shows in the app.

On the other hand outlets and conductors are showing correctly the energy consumption.

I have also checked the web app of Netatmo with the same results.

Does anyone have the same problem ? Is the any solution ?

Hello Andrew,

As it concerns the Home + Control application - and probably a problem with the installation of your devices -, I can't bring you help here

I advise you to contact directly the Customer Support of your country by mentioning the reference of your switches not giving energy consumption

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thank you very much for your help. I asked here because I thought it maybe was a problem in the configuration or something similar and I am trying to build an application and I need those data.

Thank you again and when I have news I will add those here in order someone else have the same issue.

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