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Classe 300X13E and ALEXA

I'm asking if it is possibile to add the feature of opening the gate by using Alexa.
I guess you need to create an Alexa skill for for App Door Entry.

I think the voice control it's a very useful feature to control the Classe 300x13E, i.e.: you are at home doing something (cooking?!), door bells, you just want to open quickly (instead of  stop doing what you are doing, walking to the Classe 300 or taking the phone, open the app, slide for open,.....)

Hello Alessandro,

Adding Alexa control to C300X13E is not planned for the moment. But I forward this request and your usecase to our Product Manager. Teams will maybe see in the future to work with Amazon to get a certification and their approval to add vocal support

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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