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Classe 300X13E and SIRI

Hi all,

I have just installed Classe 300X13E  and download Door Entry to my Iphone to open my gate.

I wonder if I could open the gate by using Siri.

With Siri I can open the app Door Entry but I’m not able to activate the comand to open the gate.

Thanks for your help


Hi Floriano,

For the moment it is not planned to have a compatibility between Siri and the C300X13E

I saw you want to use it to open your gate, do you have more actions you would like to do with Siri?

I will forward your needs to the developers team, maybe they will think about the setting up of this feature

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

many thanks for your prompt reply.

There is an App on Iphone called (Shortcuts) where it should be possible to launch automatically Apps and comands.

Using it I have been able to launch automatically (with Siri) the App “Door Entry” but I don’t know how to launch the comand, within Door Entry, to open the gate.

Is the developers team, you are referring to, including even the developers of Door Entry for IOS? Maybe they know very well what I’m trying to do.

Thanks again


Hi again Floriano,

I see what you want to do. Launching the app with Siri is different from using the device with the voice. If we want the C300X13E to be compatible with Siri, we need to work with Apple to get a certification and their approval

That’s why I asked you if you see other use cases for using Siri with your device : if the team sees enough use cases and users interested in voice control, they will maybe work to get the certification

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your feedback.

Not sure I have understood your question (my poor english).

Personally I have not other cases for using Siri but I’m sure everybody using 300X13E and Iphone are interested to use Siri to open gates or lights via the app “Door Entry†.



I also would need any implementation to make it easier to open the gate, e.g.:

– Siri implementation, or

– amazon alexa integration, or

– a clear explanation for tcp/ip communication so we can link a domotics system to send an ‘open’ command

What is the most feasible?

Hi Skorno,

Just as I said to Floriano, I forward your request to the developer’s team. I also added the marketing managers of the device

As you are more and more numerous to ask for this voice assistant use, I hope they will think about adding this feature

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

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