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Custom color for light when enable locate switch indicator


It would be possible that in the APP Home +

Could you customize the LED colors of each device?

And also that from the API, you can set the color of the LED, for the ON state and the OFF state.

Example: I have two devices together when entering a room
Device 1 = Light switch with ON led in BLUE color to locate it
Device 2 = UP / DOWN shutter switch with ON led in BLUE color to locate it

But at night, you see two switches and both with blue LED, you can not tell which one is shutter switch and which it’s the light switch.

I would like be able to configure one of the two to a different color, for example the light switch in orange (red, green) and the shutter switch in blue, it would be easier to differentiate them.

That is my suggestion, if possible

thank you


Hello Pablo,

It should require a modification on the devices (so, to launch a new version) but I agree it could be a very interesting idea. Especially for the night scenario you mention

Thanks for your contribution 😉

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Attached a picture for example :



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