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Development of openHAB binding for Home+Control


I plan to add an openHAB binging (driver) for Home+Control.

Some things are unclear:

- Are the REST APIs only cloud based or can I access my devices on the LAN (Philips HUE APIs offers both possibilities)?

- Do I need to register an application even if is only a binding? In this case, how to describe it in the New application form? For example, what may be the value of Url or First Reply Url? I'm only targeting an addition to an open source home automation software that will be used locally, and plan to freely share my development.




Hello Pascal,

Unfortunately, we don't provide local interoperability management for Home + Control API, it's only cloud-based

So, if you want still want to integrate it to Openhab, you'll need to set the address of your server as redirect_uri

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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