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"Device type" dimmer for the rollershutter

As google does not seem decided, despite my repeated reminders, to create the “device type” roller shutter or blind, I propose, meanwhile, to apply to rolling shutter legrand the device type dimmer in google assistant.
It works very well (smartthings and some other have already done it.

Several reason
For a dimmer, google assistant understands as well if we say “turn on” and “open”.
In the opposite direction it also works “turn off” and “close”.
thus, when it is open, it is at 100% and when it is closed, it is at 0%.

When you use smartthings with a FGR222, you can even, with the application google home, open at 50% for example, but it is not possible with your system (while the zigbee allows it !!!?)

I thank you in advance

Hello Christophe,

That’s right, for the moment it is not possible to set a partial opening for a shutter.
You can see this topic talking about it :
I forward your request to the development team 😉

Have a good day,
Leslie – Community Manager


Today is a beautiful day.
Indeed, Google has created the “device type” Blinds.
It is now possible to control shutters with Google Home.

Can you do the necessary on your side so that this function is fully functional natively and without going through

thank you in advance

Hello Christophe,

Beware, Google makes the difference between “blinds” and “rolling shutters”
So for the moment, only blinds are managed by Google Home and not rolling shutters
But I can tell you that our teams are working with Google on this point. It’s in beta test on our side and the feature will be soon available directly with Google Assistant 😉

Have a good day,
Leslie – Community Manager

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