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Door lock API Class100X16E


I'm trying to integrate the Door Lock/Unlock to Home Assistant, but I don't find any useful integration on how to do it.

The API is deprecated and I don't find any other options to control the Door Lock. I found there is new API of Netatmo (, but I don't know how to add the Class100X16E to the app, or how to obtain the plant ID or the Device ID.


How can I do it?

Hello Serra,

Unfortunately, we indeed deprecated the API for C100/300X and the SDK allowing to manage doorlocks. This being said, with HA there seemed to be an integration of doorlocks management via a custom firmware (which didn't use the SDK), but as it's not something provided by us I can't help you more about it

There is an ongoing migration project to Netatmo's infrastructure for the device. For the moment the API is deprecated but still work, and doorlock opening will be able to be easily managed via API calls. But as far as I know, the migration will not be done before minimum the end of the year

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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