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Eliot integration with SmartThings


I have the LC7001 hub and a bunch of Legrand Adorne switches and dimmers, integrated with my SmartThings hub using Artik cloud. Now that Legrand is retiring Artik cloud, my SmartThings integration obviously broke. Is there a SmartThings app I can use that would talk to the new Eliot by Legrand cloud?


Hi Matt,

Since Monday we started the migration from Artik Cloud to Eliot Cloud for RF Lighting Control products, as Samsung is shutting down its business Cloud

You can still manage your devices with the Legrand Lighting Control app. You can check this PDF file to set up your remote access

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

I’m afraid you misunderstood. Yes, Legrand app works fine. However, a lot of us have integrated with our home automation hubs. I am using Samsung SmartThings with Artik (like this). I know you wrote integrations for Amazon Echo and Google Home, but is there a developer API to access LC7001 hub, or a Legrand-written integration for the Samsung SmartThings hub? If not, can you check  if your developers are planning to provide either option?

Sorry for the misunderstanding. We should have a meeting next week with the US teams to talk about this question. As far as I know, we don’t have for the moment an available API for RF Lighting working with Eliot Cloud or an other kind of integration

I let you know as soon as I know more

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

This sounds like a big miss in the planning process, if it’s not even in the works… People use lights together with security devices all the time, and it was a major deciding factor for me when outfitting my entire house (over 30 switches and dimmers) with Legrand products (they also look nice!). Not having the ability to control my lights and switches based on other events (home arrival, motion sensor triggers, bathroom fan when someone’s in the shower, etc. ) is huge. I understand if your team is small and doesn’t write a SmartThings integration (it is the most popular home automation hub by the way), but at the very least provide an API so we can cludge something ourselves.

I’m in the same boat as Matt. I currently own a set of WiFi enabled Adorne light switches and the LC7001 hub, and I have been using them since September of 2017. I was previously able to link the Adorne switches to my SmartThings hub via the ARTIK Cloud. The integration worked great over the past couple of years, and I was able to create numerous automations within SmartThings.

I would love to continue to be able to control my Adorne switches within SmartThings. Your switches are the only smart switches on the market that look nice enough and work well enough on their own for my wife to allow them in our house, so I really don’t have any other options.

If Legrand could add integration between SmartThings and the Legrand Cloud, that would be great. It would be really unfortunate for the public to lose functionality as part of this cloud upgrade, especially since that functionality has been there since the beginning. And if native support is not possible, please provide an API to the public that allows us to create our own solutions.

I am having the same problem as well. I made a lot of investment to Legrand switches and bought LC7001 controller after reading there was SmartThings integration via Artik. The move was planned months ago, but there was nothing done to keep the functionality? This is very unfortunate. Please make every effort to open the path for integration again.

I sent an email to Legrand Support about this and received this response from Kenneth Grumbling:

“I apologize for the inconvenience. there’s not going to be an integration for smart-things. Smart things was never our product, the  Samsung product worked due to the use of the artik cloud our products just happened to work with smart-things. With the forced removal of artik cloud smart-tings will no longer work with our products. I apologize for the letdown, but there is no resolution for the integration of smart-things to the eliot cloud.”

Soooo disappointed.

This is really terrible. I have invested alot of $$$. And not lost all the intregation with smarthings. Legrand just dropped a ball. Let me tell you as electrical consultant engineer I will never specify legrand product from now on… this is not acceptable. No support…

This is really terrible. I have invested alot of $$$. And now lost all the intregation with smarthings. Legrand just dropped a ball. As electrical consultant engineer I will never specify legrand product from now on… this is not acceptable. No support…

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I have solved the Samsung SmartThings to Legrand Adorne integration problem for myself.

My solution consists of two parts: a SmartThings part

… and a LAN part that sits between your Legrand LC7001 hub and your SmartThings hub

The second part is a nodejs application that must be hosted on some computer on this LAN. Communication between these parts is standard UPnP. The upnp-things part just puts a UPnP face on the LC7001 hub.

It would be nice if the LC7001 hub supported this UPnP nature natively. Then only the first part would be needed and we could/should feel secure in it not breaking again (as long as the UPnP standard is followed). The way it is now, the communication with the the LC7001 hub is, as far as I know, unsupported. Legrand could break it tomorrow.

Please petition Legrand to either support the standard UPnP interface directly on their hub or commit to not breaking the existing undocumented interface.

Here is an npm package for upnp-things

Hello Ross,

We do not plan to support UPnP for our LC7001, however we do plan to keep the existing interface in-tact as long as the LC7001 is in existence.

Thank you for using Legrand products.



This is a public forum and, from looking at your reply, there is no way to tell if you are authorized to speak for Legrand or not. How can I be sure?

> we do plan to keep the existing interface intact as long as the LC7001 is in existence.

That is great news. If you can, please point me to documentation of this interface so that I can be sure that I am doing things right. I would hate to be relying on a “bug” that might be “fixed” later.


Is there a projected date for LC7001 connection to Goolge Home and/or IFTTT to start working?

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