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Eliot integration with SmartThings


I have the LC7001 hub and a bunch of Legrand Adorne switches and dimmers, integrated with my SmartThings hub using Artik cloud. Now that Legrand is retiring Artik cloud, my SmartThings integration obviously broke. Is there a SmartThings app I can use that would talk to the new Eliot by Legrand cloud?



The LC7001 is already supported on Google Home.  You need to sign your LC7001 into Legrand Cloud and then link the Google action called “Legrand Lighting” to your Legrand Cloud account.

We do not have current plans to add support for IFTTT to LC7001.




Google home and Legrand cloud do not communicate, period!

Also if you review Legrand’s webpage, it does and did work with IFTTT, quote ”Our technologies works with  IFTTT”, if what you say is true, then made Legrand’s website should say selected Legrand products OR limited product’s work with IFTTT.


Hi Reese,

I’m sorry to hear Google Home is not working with your LC7001.  It is supposed to work.  Can you share what you are seeing?  You can also use our tech support line (1-800-223-4162) for detailed troubleshooting.

I will let our product manager know about the issue you found with the wording on our website.

Best Regards,


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