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EMI / Missed commands. How to resend an action?

I’m using the API to the LC7001 successfully and love it. But I have 1 problem:

About 1% of all submissions between the LC7001 and the actual switch fail. So eg when I turn a light OFF either via the API or the Android App, the LC7001 shows the switch as OFF, while in reality the light remains still ON. This seems to be dependent on the distance between the switch and the LC7001, and also dependent on time of day. So I suspect Radio interference (EMI).

So the question is whether it’s possible via the Adorne API to remediate such a situation. In other words can I send a second command to force the LC7001 to turn off a switch again even though the LC7001 thinks is already OFF?

So currently if I simply send the same message again (ie. {‘Service’: ‘SetZoneProperties’, ‘ZID’: 0, ‘ID’: 1, ‘PropertyList’: {‘Power’: False}}), nothing happens. The LC7001 seems to filter out such requests if it it thinks (erroneously) that the light is OFF already. So is if it’s possible to send  some kind of a force command that ensures the LC7001 sends a message to the switch independant whetehr it’s OFF already or not?

PS: The same problem happens on the Android App. So if the OFF command fails, the App still shows it as OFF while the light remains ON in reality. I then need to turn it ON again via the App before I can turn it OFF a second time.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your interest in our local API.  As you correctly observed, the LC7001 commands to the endpoints can sometimes not make it to the endpoint.  This can be worse for endpoints that are farther from the LC7001.  One way to address the distance problem is to buy a MRR2-G repeater for your system and place it somewhere in your house that is half way between the LC7001 and the farthest endpoint..  That should make it much more reliable.  I would suggest that route before trying to re-send each command from your software since, as you mentioned, the LC7001 will not allow duplicate commands.  Is that an option you would consider?




Thanks for reverting. I would consider that option, but I’m not convinced it will solve all my problems. All my 20+ switches are less than 30ft (10m) away from the LC7001 (Spec states 100ft!). So it would be nice to also have the option resend the latest command a few second later again. Is that possible?



Hi Michael,

Currently the LC7001 does not support a way to resend the same command twice in a row.  I will check to see if there is anything we can do.



Thanks for checking. That would really be a great help for me if you could include such a feature in the API.


I got myself a MRR2-, and the situation has somewhat improved. But I had again yesterday a situation where a switch just 10ft away from the LC7001 ailed to receive a command. So I would still like the ability to force resend an OFF command.

Any luck with this change? I meanwhile got a second MRR2…. And the problem definitely improved. But there are still situations where it’s not working. Esp if I on 2 switches side by side concurrently (ie I use the touch switches and touch them at the same time). Then only 1 switch registered as haven turned on with the LC7001. And this means I can’t turn the other one off anymore, as the LC7001 keeps thinking that it is already off.

Hi Michael,

The US developers team is still investigating this issue. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information

If you turn 2 switches at the same time, the server is not able to handle the 2 calls. So, he will only take into account one of them

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

yeah, that’;s the problem I have 2 switches side by side and when manually operating them, I seem to end up often in a situation where the LC7001 registers one of them.

That leaves me then in a position where I can’t turn the other one off programmatically. So would be great if the development team could expose a “force” update option, that turns a switch off independent on what the status is with the memory of the LC7001/.

Any luck with this change?

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