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Event and some other little things…

Dear Support, we are developing some simple python interface to test with my home automation. We need to monitor the power meter but de 100 read/day cannot permit to read continuosly… I want ask if exist the possibility to intercept the “event” when the consuming power is out of range, I try to read “subscription to events for a plant” but the doc is insufficient for me to apply… Last: its possible to modify the URL in the Oauth2 process registration adding the destination port? like
Thank you in advance!

Hello Silvano,

For the creation of “events”, you could use webhooks. According to our developement team this feature will be available in the next few weeks. We will announce it on the homepage and on the forum when it will be ready.
For your second question : I think that adding a port to your reply URL should work.
You could try it and tell us if it worked 😉

Have a good day,
Leslie – Community Manager

YES! Worked!
I put my service on port 8888 and config in my app REDIRECT URI, all is working OK!
Little thing: Automation command Level = 0 CLOSE-DOWN – Level = 1 OPEN-UP – Level = -1 STOP NOW, in this way it’s possible to stop (e.g. after 12 seconds) to have the automation in the middle position. 🙂

Have nice day dear support!

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