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F453AV invalid certificate


trying to reach webserver via web browser both from local lan and internet I get message that site is not safe, invalid certificate. Has anyone experienced?

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I found in the documentation that it can be linked to an incorrect IP address :

Did you configure a correct one ?

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi, thanks for reply. do not think it is an’issue of address: The address can be reached otherwise I couldn’t get this reply. And also it is possible to force and bypass the advice on chrome web browser on old android devices. This is no more possible in updated iOS devices and PC browsers. I think it is related on certificate and TLS management

Esiste qualche soluzione al problema? Non si accede più con i nuovi browser a causa del certificato scaduto.

i used an old versione of Intenet Explorer in a virtual machine with windows 7. I think this is the only solution so far.

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