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Feedback of thermostat with third party application


I would like to know how it is possible to get thermostat status (on or off) on third party application using OPEN SCS command. I know how to read OPEN SCS command feedback to know status of lighting (on or off) with F455.

I have a project of 350 apartments in which there are:

1.       1 x F455 gateway but NO F454 and NO MyHomeServer1

2.       From 4 to 12 thermostats 067459

3.       No temperature panel 3550 or 573918

4.       1 x 4 scenario controller type 573902

5.       1 x scenario module F420

Currently, it is possible to turn on or off the thermostat, control the fan speed and change the mode but I can’t get the status of the thermostat when sending a request to the gateway (server).

Would you have any solution or advise on how to do this on 3rd party application ?

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Benoit B.


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