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Friends of Hue

I think Legrand/Netatmo should seriously consider making their wireless switches & dimmers “Friends of Hue” compatible so that they may be linked directly to the Hue hub. Given all of the issues trying to use the products with Hue and the Netatmo gateway, it would make for a better user experience, and make them easier for me as a contractor to recommend to customers.

Hi Brant,

I completely agree with you, current integration of Hue products in the Legrand ecosystem is very wonky.

Is it possible to get some info from Legrand on if this is possible/in the books or totally impossible?



As I see in our documentation, only a local interoperability is possible between the Legrand Gateway and Hue bridge via a Cloud2Cloud dialog

Nothing is mentioned about a possible integration directly via the Hue bridge. But teams are in contact with Signify, so the subject is maybe already on the table

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Leslie that would be a very welcome addition. Even an integration between the Home + Control system and Hue Bridge that would allow use of the wireless netatmo devices would be great. I’m currently doing this with Home Assistant by connecting my wireless dimmers/switches via a Sonoff zigbee gateway, and its a great setup. Native support would be better. Thanks for the update.

Leslie, where would I find the documentation for Cloud2Cloud interoperability between Netatmo & Hue?



Hello Brant,

It’s an architecture scheme in our internal documentation. It will not be helpful for you

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

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