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Home + Control - setup pland


I use to retrive at first my plants

I receive an correct HTTP/1.1 200 OK response but plants lists are empty


How to config plandid and moduleId ?




The main reason for this error is that you are not using your Home + Control end-user account linked to your installation

You can verify which account's mail address you use by going in H+C app > My account

Then, log in to Works with Legrand with your developer account. In the Try It of the call, authenticate with your end-user account credentials (

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Where I can find end-user account credentials ?

It's the credentials of the user account you created into Legrand Home + Control application

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

I am facing the same issue too. But I am using the same end user creds for developer account also.


No issue to use the same credentials, it's on 2 different databases

It seems to work on my side. Can you please test your request via the "Try It" as I mentioned in my first message ?

If you still receive a 200 OK response with an empty JSON, please send me your email address and client_id (application_id) via the contact form. I'll then be able to investigate

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Where I can find client_id (application_id) account ?

Hello THTM_Ping,

You can find this in your application's detail :

But I don't need this anymore. I saw you asked for an application creation that I validated 2 weeks ago. After checking, I saw that there are no devices linked to your end-user account. Please refer to the first answer I sent you to verify if you authenticate with the correct Home + Control application's account. Then try to get your data via the "Try It" in order to see if you receive them

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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