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IFTTT missing energy meter alert module

Hello everyone, I'm new here, I just landed in this forum while searching for some documentation / information about how to use IFTTT with home + control application.


What I am trying to achieve is really simple but I'm stuck at first step.


I have a module for load control installed by the electrician.


I have installed the home + control app from which I can see real-time power consumption.


I thought I can use that information (power consumption) to disconnect some load from IFTTT (some of the loads that are not already connected to a smart switch).


So, this is what I did: opened IFTTT, clicked on new applet, clicked on add trigger, selected the home + control app, linked my legrand account, clicked on energy meter alerts and now I'm stuck because IFTTT shows no options available (see attachment please).


Do you have some suggestion?

Thank you


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Hello Alessandro,

Only the eco meter can be used via IFTT for consumptions alerts. I think that it explains why you don't see your module

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Good, I hope IFTT will increase soon the devices compatibility. Thank you for your help

I think it's an API problem since I cannot list it between my modules, even using directly the legrand API

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