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Integrate Class100 into other Smart Home systems

I tried to integrate my Class100 into another Smart Home system. i only want to add the function "open lock". I need a webcommand so i tried it with the api. What I'm failing at now is: i have here the command for it:{plantId}/modules/parameter/id/value/{deviceId}/ticket

but where do I get the plantid and the deviceid from ? I search for it and there is a instruction:

To find the plantId


Sign up with your Works with Legrand account. You must have subscribed to the Starter Kit


Go on the “API” drop down menu, click on “APIS LIST” and choose the Smarther API or Home + Control API


On the left, click on “GET Plants” for the Smarther or “GET Get users’ plants” for Home + Control. Then go in the “Try it”


In Authorization section, choose “Authorization code” for ELIOT - Azure AD B2C - OpenID Connect for the Smarther or OAuth Server for Try it Eliot API for Home + Control. If you are logged in, other information are already filled up


A popup will be opened. Fill the information and validate


Click on “Send” button and retrieve the ID of the plant in the Response content


but i cannot find Smarther API in the List and if i choose Home + Control i get:



"plants": []


There was a topic with the same issue but they were talking about the Home + Control App. So i downloaded the App but i cannot add my Class100 to the App ?

Do i really need the Home + Control APP to get plantID and deviceID ?



Hello Christian,

We have a dedicated API for Classe100X16E available here :

Before providing you further information, can you tell me if you are talking about the Connected Classe100X16E ( or the Classe100 ? (

The second one is not the connected version and can't be used with our APIs

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager


i know there is the dedicated API but there i need also the plantID and the deviceID, or ?

when i try "get plants" at the dedicated api, i get this back

 "name": "xxxxx",

"ownerEmail": "xxxx",

"status": "active",

"type": "xxx",

"offset": "±00:00",

"id": "xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx",

"ownerId": "xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxx",

"country": "at",

"files": []


what is the plantID and the deviceID ?


i think i have the Class100X16E, not sure ( BT-344932).




also have a nice day


Informations you need are asked by the third-party service you want to use. We are not involved in their development and are just in charge of the Door Entry Classe 100X application

According to what you retrieve you did a call to GET Plant method (

The "id" value of the response is your PlantID

To retrieve your moduleID value you must perform a call to GET Topology ( with your plantID

You will find the moduleID in the "modules" array of your response

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thanks for the quick and fast answers !

It is to integrate it into my Loxone System.


Get Topology: there is no modulID. So i think i did something wrong with the connection to the Class100, but thanks to the great support.


Have a nice weekend!

hi I have received the id of my module in topology response.


"device": "lock",

"system": "automation",

"id": "4599dd5f-4d4e-4921-9938-b267aaff1cc0",

"internalId": "55496c08-dc75-458c-90e0-b64daf7aebee",

"name": "Serratura",

"deviceType": "Lock",

"privateAddress": {

"addressType": "OPEN",

"addressValues": [


"name": "address",

"value": "22"



"visible": 0,

"buttonId": "6"



now if I call Open Lock I receive the ticket, and now how i can open the door?

I have read some info about Door Entry SDK  but is only form mobile device i need a pc version.

someone can help me?


Hello, I'm interested on 100x API, but it seems that the links you provided are not more available, are they migrated in some other endpoints?


Hi Marco,

Indeed we removed the API from Works with Legrand as it was not maintained anymore

There is a migration project to Netatmo's infrastructure with an API available on their side (Netatmo Connect website) but I don't have more information about an availability date for it

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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