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LC7001 API Documentation


After reading through the newly released API docs for the LC7001 controller, I realized that this management API seems to document only scenes, zones and other events and so forth for the controller specifically. I'm hoping that there is some form of documentation for sending commands and possibly receiving status from whole house Adorne devices. For my case, specifically:

sofTap Wi-Fi Ready Master

sofTap Wi-Fi Ready Slave

sofTap Wi-Fi Ready Master Tru-Universal Dimmer

Surely something must exist that can enable me to integrate these products with other hubs (Hubitat at the moment.) Ideally, a document describing the protocol and commands used on the LAN would be great. However, if the only documented way of communicating with these devices is through some sort of exposed API listening on the LC7001, that would work as well. I may be missing something, because I still haven't been able to find much describing the workflow between the LC7001 and the other whole house Adorne devices yet. Any direction pointing me to a trailhead would be much appreciated. My end goal is to stay off the cloud as much as possible so that I can gain a little more performance in terms of response time of the devices.

*Edit: From what I can tell from the LC7001 doc, it seems that a single device can actually be a "zone". Is this right? There isn't a preface in the doc about terminology. I guess I should just start by listing all of my zones and go from there. =)



Ok. Looks like it uses Topdog. In terms of specs, I think I found what I'm looking for here:

The documentation seems to have what I'm looking for. The only thing missing is connection information for the LC7001 (For instance, the port number)

Hello Jonathan,

Happy to read you nearly found everything you needed 😉

For API access to LC7001 it's port 2112

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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