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Legrand and Philips HUE lamps after power loss


After experiencing a power loss in my apartment, all my Philips hue lamps (upgraded to latest firmware with Bluetooth app, then reset and connected to Legrand gateway), suddenly turned back on in the default 100% brightness white light.

This is quite annoying, especially if it happens at night (wakey wakey!). In the Philips Hue app when connected to the Philips bridge, there is an option to change the light behaviour after a power loss. Are there any plans to include this feature in the Legrand app? Or is there a workaround?



Hi all,
I found a workaround: you can connect the lamps to the Hue Bluetooth app at the same time as they’re connected to the Legrand gateway, and set the power on behaviour to “power loss recovery”.

The instruction in the Home+Control app telling to reset the lamps before pairing to the Legrand gateway is to be revised. If you reset the lamp, it will revert to default behaviour and turn on in case of power loss. The option to change behaviour on power loss should be included in the home+Control app, if it’s possible.


Hello Fred,

Nice to have found a workaround. I forward your message about the Home + Control process to Netatmo team 😉

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

I was just searching for this exact answer. thanks for sharing.

+1 for the functionality in Control

I have accepted the fact that Netatmo/Legrand will never add a single feature we’re asking for, and have stopped promoting and selling the products in my business. Tech support at Legrand North America says its not even possible to add Hue lamps to the bridge. Funny.


Indeed this feature is something that is (really) often pushed by me or the support to the marketing teams, but it’s still not planned in the roadmap

@Brant I’ll report what you said about the answer from the support. They should normally know about the Z3.0 interops

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager


just wanted you to know that the “work around” to do this only works for anything that can be connected via Bluetooth. This means only bulbs, Hue Go and smart power sockets. It does not include light strips or any of their fancier lights, like the outdoor ones.

This means we really need this capability added to the Legrand Product.

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