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Legrand RF lighting control api

Navigating through the developer website of Legrand, it doesn't look like Legrand provides API for Legrand RF lighting control.


Am I right about this or I am missing something? Also is there any alternative to consume API for Legrand RF lighting control



Hi Safik,

You are correct - there is currently no cloud API for control of RFLC.  There is a local API however.  Are you interested in local control or cloud control of RFLC?

Thanks for your interest in RFLC.

Can you provide the link to local API documentation?

Hi Douglas,


I was interested in cloud API but I think local API could help solve my problem. Can you please share the local API Documentation.


Thank you for help

Did anyone find the documents for the local api, for RFLC and specifically the HA6000 any help would be amazing.




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