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Lights IDs not listed

Hi everyone,

When accessing the GET all plants module status (API Home + Legrand) I can see all my devices (Heater, Automation ...) but not my lights (ref 067722) which are not listed.

I'm using the test feature from here

Moreover, I can control them through the mobile app.

Any idea what's wrong ?



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Hello André,

The best is to use the Home + Control API from Netatmo as the one here is deprecated. If you can see missing modules in their API, it means that the products are not integrated into Works with Legrand API (and will not be included)

I invite you to do the test. If you can't see your devices also on Netatmo's API, I'll investigate

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thanks Leslie for your answer.

In this new API is the Home_id the same as the Plant_id I used to use ?

If not where I can find it in order to make some test directly from the website and see if my devices are listed or not.


Thanks again.

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Hi André,

In Netatmo's API the IDs and naming are different (example : plant_id = Home)

You just need to :

  • log-in to the developer website with your Home + Control end-user account
  • : go to /homesdata method > Try it out > click on "Execute /Homesdata"
  • You will find all needed information as home id and the different modules sorted by their appliance_type
  • Your light switch should appear in the list


Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

You are right Leslie.

With this new API I can see my dual lights.

Let's migrate to this new API

Thanks again

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