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Live video access from the web

Please make the BTicino Classe 100X RTPS capable

Hi again Martin,

I forward your request to teams in charge of C100X

Please note that there is an ongoing migration project for this device to Netatmo’s infrastructure. I don’t have much precise information about how it will work, but the live video stream should be manageable in the same way as their cameras or the C300EOS do :

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hello Leslie,

thank you for your comments, I did indeed see that this transition is planned and was hoping to get this request in whilst the process is still ongoing.

Is there a way to contact them directly about it? I really appreciate you forwarding the request already.

Do you know if this means that Classe 100X is eventually coming to the Connect + Security app?

Wishing you a nice rest of your day.


I closely work with Netatmo and Legrand developers in charge of the migration. I don’t see any way on Netatmo side to reach them directly so I remain the correct contact to do it 😉

And I confirm that the C100X will be included in Home + Security app

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

You are awesome, thank you.

Is there any information about C100X integration to ‘Netatmo?


The actual Door Entry app is not working properly for iPhone. I get notifications about new calls but after pressing notification, I’m not getting the call (and answer/reject options are not available)… so I’m missing lot of calls. It seems it’s working better if opening notification with app killed in background.


In Android it seems it’s working… so a migration to Netatmo with better functionality it’s needed

Hello Javi,

I don’t have more infos about the C100X migration

Teams didn’t reproduce your issue on iOS. I would need you to send me a message via the contact form with following information :

  • Firmware version of your C100X + iOS app versions
  • Are firmware and app up-to-date ?
  • Did you sent logs from the app ?
  • The email address of your end-user account


I’ll then forward it to the developers in charge with the iOS app

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

I don’t find how to send a private message.


– C100X version is 1.5.4 and iOS App is 1.5.1 (14)


– Yes, both are up to date. Also iOS version is up to date.


– No, how can I sent logs? The problem is something with app connecting to your Cloud server. Android version still connected in background and is refreshing the information but iPhone version after pressing the notification sometimes is not keeping the session with your server so when the app asks ‘for a new session’ the active call (it seems a SIP call) is not retrieved in my device and I’m missing it.

Android version keeps connected in background so is receiving always the SIP call with actions.

So your iOS developer need to check the session persistance and if requesting a new session, if it’s an active call pending to answer, it need to be retrieved and diaplayed on screen.

I think it will be solved with Netatmo because it’s a better app and it was expected to 2nd half of 2022 but it seems there is a delay.


Thanks a lot for your attention!

Hi Javi,

Here is the link to the contact form

Please send me the email address of your end-user account in order for developers to check info in backoffice

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Thank, email address sent to you via contact form, thanks!

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