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Mallia Senses: Difference between Normal and System Integrator models

Dear Legrand/Bticino team,

For Mallia Senses I notice that you have 2 different types of the same switch; those that are branded as "Netatmo" and those that are for "System Integrators".

From a Zigbee perspective, what is the difference between the 2 models? I am assuming they are exactly the same, so I could purchase the normal Netatmo models but connect them to my own gateway.


Seperate question, where can I download the detailed manuals for the Mallia Senses devices?


Hello Bradley,

If you have references for "system integrators" and "... with Netatmo" versions, it could help. But I suppose that the difference is that the first is the non-connected version, and the second one the connected version

The Mallia Senses "... with Netatmo" range is Zigbee 3.0 compatible, so you can link your devices to a Z3.0 third-party gateway

I've found the dedicated Mallia Senses ... with Netatmo catalog here :

But the best is to contact the Customer Support of your country for precise information and confirmation

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the super fast response!!!

Below are the product codes for the 2 models:

- System Integrators: 2 815 05MB

- Normal Netatmo: 2 815 04MB


Yes that document I have already, but I could not find anything more detailed. I tried using the Legrand documentation website but it does not include this series.

I have not seen the details of this exact model yet, so I am assuming it includes the switch and relay within the same unit.

It is a 1-2 month lead time for purchasing, so if I dont get it right the electrical team will then be behind schedule... So I am trying to get it right.


At the moment my plan was to use Shelly 2PM Plus + Dumb switch; but the Mallia Senses is super interesting.

Hi again,

I don't either find any more information for this range, even in the 2022/23 Legrand catalogue

The 2 815 05MB seems to be a 2-gang light switch without neutral, and 2 815 04MB a 2-gang light switch with neutral in the Connected version. But I must admit I don't know why they added a "system integrator" distinction in the documentation

Once more, the best is to contact the Customer Support as they will able to give you advices to do the correct choice

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Ok, thanks so much for trying Leslie!


I suspect the “system integrator” version is simply a marketing term. Legrand does that similarly in the USA here they market a Zigbee 3.0 version of the Netatmo devices to the hospitality sector. Looking at the catalog linked above, I believe that is the same case in your country.


I have used the zigbee 3.0 version connected to the netatmo gateway and it is the exact same device. Netatmo branded devices come in consumer packaging meant to appeal to homeowners. The “Zigbee 3.0” devices are shipped here in contractor friendly packaging; just a typical Legrand box with  part number.

I have the same dilemma! Though thinking of Sonoff MiniR4 rather than Shelly.
Which solution did you choose? What is your suggestion?

I wonder if Mallia Senses Gateway will be upgraded with Matter support as well. Is there any update on that from Legrand?

Thank you,

In the end I found it too difficult:

- The local Bticino branch made it very very difficult to get any information

- A lot of uncertainties about firmware, etc


So I brought Living Now (Classic, not Zigbee) and have coupled it with Shelly relays.

This way I know it will just work, and later on I can switch to Living Now Zigbee if I want too.

Hello Andreas,

For the moment we don't have news to give about a Matter integration to our products. If it evolves, an official communication will be done

This being said, gateways from "... with Netatmo" ranges are technically the same, the difference is only the design. So if some updates are done, it will be for all gateways from the Solution

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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