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Matter switches with Thread or Matter bridge for existing Zigbee switches


It’s been more than a year that Matter protocol has been released, and while all major brands have released Matter devices or at least their plans around it, it’s sad to see no progress from Legrand.

You announced your participation again in March 23 but still no specific plans:

Are you still onboard to release Matter decices? Ideally switches with Matter and Thread or a bridge for existing Zigbee switches.


Will be happy to hear your plans, if any

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Hello Andreas,

Indeed, as you know, the Legrand group is highly involved in the definition of Matter protocol. If something evolves, official communications will be done

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Thank you, so that means nothing evolved for the moment in terms of preparing Matter devices and no plans to release any product in the next year, any existing Zigbee devices from Legrand don’t have any plan to get Matter support.

+1 for Matter support.

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