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MH202 - device status: Maintenance

Hi community,


My MH202 scenario modul has a problem.

During configuration transfer from pc via LAN, MyHome Suite gave a fail in step 4 of 7 i think.

after that, i can not update firmware, send new configuration (tried by LAN and USB)

i also can not get on the web page of MH202 (by entering ip adress  to my browser)

i can ping the device and an this is OK, but this is the only communitaction which is possible.


If i read out the device info from the MH202 with myHoe Suite i get the message the device is in status: Maintenance....

Can someone help me to change the status or reset the device?

I already pushed some times the reset button on the device and also put power off for some minutes - no change!


The technical support here do not know this problem. their solution was to buy a new one.... 🙁
for this i do not need a technical support.


Do someone have an idea what i can do?



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