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MHS1 update MyHome+Project

Hi everyone,

I would like to share my odyssey in hopes of updating an MHS1 (version 18W41 070 – Native Firmware: 2.2.14):
Since the native firmware is very old I was suggested to update the MHS1 with an intermediate firmware (SMARTGW_023200.fwz)
and then with the most recent one (SMARTGW_027131.fwz).

Thanks to BTicino customer service I was able to do these steps: I finally updated the MHS1 to firmware 2.71.31!
Despite the success, I still can’t connect to the device with the “new” MyHome+Project App with all that goes with it.
The only App with which I can connect, besides MyHomeSuite3.5.23, is MyHome_Up.

I’m practically back to square one.

I was hoping to find some suggestions in the forum, but I realized that the problem is generalized:
– Migration from MyHom_Up to MyHome+Project is a disaster.
– BTicino Legrand assistance often does not have decisive answers.
– Most important thing for us installers: Customers are very angry……

Good life


Hello Carlo,

A firmware update is not sufficient to finish the migration process. Your customer must install his MHS1 in Home + Control app, it will then be displayed in Home + Project app

But I can’t tell you more as I’m not into installation work. If you are italian, you must contact the Customer Support via the green number (800 837035). If you are from another country, please tell it to me and I’ll try to find the best way to get help

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

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