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move shutter to a preset position (in %) - myhome_up

Hey there,
Heard a rumor that this is going to be supported via software update for my system.
my shutter are connected via the regular 2-module actuator control with neutral (LN4672M2) .
so right now I only have up/down/stop.
is this true? will I going to be able to set my shutter on a certain position (%)?

Hi Rotem,

Here is the answer from Bticino team for the management in % of rolling shutters :

The short answer is no
There already exist the possibility to control the position in % for a shutter, but the underlying hardware must support that. The hardware of the user on the forum does not.
One can assert this possibility from the metrics received from the GetTopology: if an object is "deviceType": "Shutter Level" and the "metrics" array contains "level", the position in % can be controlled, otherwise the shutter can only be moved "up", "down" or "stop"

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

can I get a list of actuator devices that support this feature?

BTW @Leslie,
I guess if you know how much time it takes for my shutter to go from fully closed to fully opened, you can solve this with software rather than hardware. can't you?

There should be no problem to implement it as Rotem says. Other hardware developer include this just using the time to close as a metric. The command to send to the shutter controller could be as easy as "open during 3.2 seconds".

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