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My Living Now project (google home - IFTTT -python)

I start this little project to automate some feature that in not possible to find in home+ and google home integrate with Legrand.
We need to create a "scenario" that open some automation (window shutter) and turn on some light.
The google home integration is able to turn on/off light, the integration with IFTTT can solve the problem for the integration with shutter automation but it's possible to run only one trigger for one command.
I write a very simple command interface (CLI) in python over raspberry that is able to open/close shutter and on/off light. Using a very simple webhook under IFTTT I can execute "scenario" by voice command.
Main components:
GOOGLE HOME ---> send command to IFTTT applet (trigger by voice) and start a webhook request to my server (python flask) tha execute a python command to make the scenario.
To built this I make request to Legrand to register my APP, receive my ID and SECRET that I can use to receive access token and refresh token for make API request.
If anyone interested in receive information can send request to me.
Thank you to Legrand staff for the help and for the future enhancement... 🙂

Ciao Silvano,

vorrei anche io avviare un progettino simile al tuo. Come possiamo metterci in contatto?



I would be interested in implementing something similar, please could you take in contact with me?



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