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MyHome_Up If only conditions


can you help with with the ” if only conditions” for scenes in the my home_up app for iOS?

Scenes are working fin but the if only conditions seem to have no effect. I have a scene that closes all

shutters on the windows in the south direction, every day at 10:30. I want to use the if only condition

“weather” for the scene. The scene should only start if the weather equals “sunny”. Unfortunately this is not working, shutters are closing every day, even if the forecast (location set correctly in the app) shows rain.


Any solution for this?

I found this to be an issue with the if conditions for daytime and nighttime and think it is due to it using the 3rd party weather app. The solution I use to get past this is to get the action of sunset and sunrise to turn on/off a flag actuator and then get the if condition to look at this flag instead. This might work for the sunny condition you are looking for. Worth a go!!



Hi Eugene,


thank you for your answer.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by „flag actuator “. How do I set this to on/off?

Is this done in the myhome_up app?


Kind regards,



Hi Michael,

A flag actuator is an actuator output with nothing connected to its outputs that can then be used to track different actions that have happened on the system. You can use the action of these empty relays turning on and off to launch scenes on the system and also monitor theirs state to use in conditions of scenes (like the day/night flag I mentioned in my last post.) I generally allow at least one F411/4 for a project. The empty relays would only have the bus connected and each channel can be used as a so called “flag actuator” . Some of the main uses for these flags would be the status of night and day as mentioned above. Also good to use to get motion detectors to launch scenes, have blocks for those motion sensors scenes and also to get 3rd party alarm systems to launch scene.

Hope this helps,



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