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MyHome_Up: Make 'group commands' available through app


Just joined the Legrand MyHome_up ecosystem, so I'm a newbie. I'm starting to play with the app, to customize my installation, defining scenarios and all the typical things you do when you set up a new system.

One thing that I really don't understand is why 'group commands' (to control multiple actuators at a time), which are defined in the app, are not available as an object that you can operate though the app. It seems that the only option available is to associate them to a physical key. I really don't know if theres a technical reason, but in my opinion they should be available to include them in a room and to operate them though the app.

In my case, I have a group command for three living room blinds, I have also a physical key to make them all go up or down as needed. What I would expect is to have also an object in the MyHome_up app that can activate this group command.

A scenario as a workaround feels a little bit overkill and it's also not exactly the same. I would love to have this feature in the app.





Hello Germán and welcome 😉

Unfortunately, we don't provide this feature via MyHOME_Up application. The workaround is indeed to use 2 different scenarios for opening and closing your 3 shutters at the time. You will lose the possibility to know the status of the load, but you'll be able to manage a group of devices

I forwarded your usecase to MyHOME_Up teams

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi Leslie.

I think that scenarios are very useful for setting diverse elements to fixed values but fail short when you just want to tweak a little bit the setting for a group of similar elements. With the blinds, for instance, I have found myself tweaking the opening depending on whether the day is sunny or cloudy. Even your mood that day can make you want to change the setting slightly and surely you don't want to create a lot of scenarios for that sort of fine tuning. So being able to operate a group of similar elements at a time without having to set up a scenario would be a nice addition to the awesome feature pack that MyHome_up brings in.

Thanks for passing my use case to the team!


HI, is there anything new around here? Also interesting in that function.

It's the same "issue" when using Home+Project / you still need a physical key to have a group command. Is there no other way?

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