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MyHome_UP missing features

There are some features that are missing in the app that I think could really improve it and might not be difficult to implement:

1. Smaller waiting time in wait command for scenes – it would make everything faster and smoother. It could be milliseconds but even tenth of a second would be better.

2. Stop condition for scenes.
Sometimes scenes are stuck for a lot of time because a waiting command and the user uses a scene that does the opposite of the first scene, than it resumes to the first after the waiting period. Although the user don’t want the first to happen anymore.

3. Start a scene from another scene – i have many scenes that have some parts in common and differ only in a small part, but I have to do all the parts for every scene and if I want to change something I have to change it in every one of them.

Hello Nitzan,

Thanks for your feedback. I forwarded your request to the MyHOME_Up development team

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

Thanks a lot. Hope they will consider the features 🙂


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