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MyHome_UP missing features

There are some features that are missing in the app that I think could really improve it and might not be difficult to implement:

1. Smaller waiting time in wait command for scenes - it would make everything faster and smoother. It could be milliseconds but even tenth of a second would be better.

2. Stop condition for scenes.
Sometimes scenes are stuck for a lot of time because a waiting command and the user uses a scene that does the opposite of the first scene, than it resumes to the first after the waiting period. Although the user don't want the first to happen anymore.

3. Start a scene from another scene - i have many scenes that have some parts in common and differ only in a small part, but I have to do all the parts for every scene and if I want to change something I have to change it in every one of them.

Hello Nitzan,

Thanks for your feedback. I forwarded your request to the MyHOME_Up development team

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

Thanks a lot. Hope they will consider the features 🙂


hi all,

please you should improve app start performance, now is too slowwwww!

Hello Albe,

How long does it take for you to open MyHOME_Up app ? On my side, it takes 3 seconds maximum

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager


3 seconds?!?!!?!? sorry i can't believe it... at least 30 sec from my side.

you can ready all app store reviews and you can easily see that all customers are complaining about performance.

Performance is the first one issue of this app. is there a team behind this app? i mean, as you can see app updates are really few per year... seems strange.

We are asking for performance improvement since year but till now no answer... please don't forget about this app.

let me know thanks



I just discussed this subject with teams. They don't see on their side why it take so long for you to open the app. Their advice : contact the technical support of your country to report them the issue and find a solution

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

within the temperature control menu, weekly program, weekly configuration, there is no choice to "copy the day". For each program we have to create the configuration of the day all over again. a long and laborious operation. being able to copy the configuration from one day to the other of the week would be really appreciated!


how is it possible that myhomeup app has just 3 updates yearly? is this a dead project?? seems so.


One feature I think is really missed (I see it on every other smart home platform I'm using) is triggering  a scene on a certain time (offset) from sunrise/sunset.
I mean, The information is already there right? (from the openweather API) so I would very much like the option to run a scene 20 minutes before sunrise or 30 minutes after sunset.

Hello Rotem,

I forwarded your message to our Product Manager

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager


-I would like to "see" the F428 inputs state. I would like to  have the information  if the garrage door are opened or closed (only info without control). For opening / closing I can use only push button , but remotely I  don`t know the door state.

-There is also a lack of venetian blind control via MyHomeUP. I want to control the angle of the lamelas

-I agree with Albe.  My app starts within 40 seconds if I am connected remotely. On my local network it is only a few seconds


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