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MyHomeServer1 Firmware update - let's talk bugs


Since the last upgrade: 2.60.47

Objects available: lights, blinds, thermoregulation, somfy awnings

Objects available but not editable: 3rd party lights (in my case: Philips Hue - Bridge not found)


- old scenarios from MyHomeUp are not editable. In H+P they can be edited
- old scenarios in H+C are not disabled even if set to disabled (I deleted them all in H+P as my awnings were opening in the rain...)
- Philips Hue Bridge not found in H+P => third party lights not editable nor usable in H+C
- plannings: manual scenarios in plannings or registered scenarios are only working if set at a specific time. They are not working when set according to sun set or dawn
- Automations: no automation is working

Features lost from MyhomeUP:

- it is not possible anymore to make multiple condtions in scenarios or automations: IF... OR..., IF... AND



i have a web custom integration and current following OPEN commands don't work anymore.


Can you fix please?






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BUG: Plannings:  when there are 2 scenarios  in an action planned at a specific time, sometimes one of the scenarios is not triggered. It is not consistent. Sometimes it works, other times no, approximately every other day.


BUG: at 23h45 every night a scenario is triggered that turns all lights on. No idea where this bug comes from.
The only thing that is programmed at this hour by default is a new feature in H+P called Simple Program. The Simple Program Night starts at 23h45... No idea what it does as nothing is specified except "Beginning"



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BUG: Version 2.60.47 - Can't create groups with H+P.


Test-scensrios were working during 5 days.

Now they stopped working. I didn’t even touch anything.

Salut a tous

Le centre de raccourci dans H+C et

Ne fonctionne jamais avec iOS il fonctionne que avec Android

Le H+P ne pas capable de faire une nouvelle installation j'ai un serveur 1 qui bloqué dans une installation vierge

Ils ne pas possible d'importer l'adressage comme le myhome up via web


Update 2.60.52

H+P ios 15.4.1

Once I press on the Hue Bridge button it stops the countdown and hangs until plant is disconnected. See image.


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Anything new here? - I see the last update of H+C is dated 11.5.2022 (android) and H+P 10.5.2022 (android).
Desktop version of H+P is still not active ( I'm wondering when we will get a bug fixes version that solves major issues?

Can you please share the major bugs you experiencing? It’s important to share these

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