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Netatmo connect in Home Assistant

Good morning,

I would like to integrate Netatmo Connect Api into Home assistant.

I created the API indicating my home assistant address in the redirect url, created the credentials in HA, downloaded your official integration but unfortunately the authentication was not performed.

HA redirects the correct page, I insert the link but it generates a generic error.

do you need to have specific ports open for app dialogue?

<p style=”text-align: left;”>A working version of Netatmo integration with Home Assitant will probably be published tomorrow, if not next week.

I think all of the errors have now been fixed. I have been running it for about a month now.

I will tell you though, the Netatmo servers are so slow to respond, it makes for a poor experience. It currently takes 4-5 minutes for lights to update their status, which makes it almost completely unusable in automations that require instant feedback.


I am still running it to test products, but as of right now I’ve moved the Legrand devices I use daily into Z2M within home assistant.

I do hope Netatmo gets these issues resolved, but until then I can’t really recommend using the api.


what really needs to happen is for them to allow local control, and end cloud dependency.

My Addon for Living Now using Netatmo API has 10 seconds delay.

Little bit better …. 🙂



You have a 10 second delay on dimmers & zigbee lights also?

are you also able to control color/temp/dimming of connected Zigbee lamps using the Netatmo API?

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