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Netatmo wired shutter switch – 067776


so I bought these Netatmo zigbee compatible wired shutter switches, and I’m so disappointed :

– they don’t allow to set position other than fully opened or fully closed

– hence I thought, I’d implement that in my node-red server, I’ve measured the time required to fully open or fully close, then it’s just a matter of timing things correctly.

– that would work if nobody actually uses the actual switch : these “smart” switches don’t even report back if they’re activated, a message like ‘I’m moving up’, ‘I’m moving down’, ‘I’m stopped’ would be nice (so that I can update my supposed position)

– and finally they don’t event report if they’re fully opened or fully closed, I’ve got to ask them, but polling is the last thing I want to do, smell like doing some code on a UART in the 90s.

Really, very disappointing, I wasn’t expecting something like that from a company like Legrand.





I have the same switch and mine is reporting more info then you mention.

“linkquality”: 39,
“position”: 0,
“state”: null

But the problem is that info is only updated after a few minutes! In fact after operating the switch, manually of through Zigbee, the switch makes a audible click after a few minutes. This is when the status is being updated.

For the position though, it seems there are just 3 states:

0 = fully open
50 = unknown position
100 = fully closed

I really thought there would be a calibration process to teach the switch the position based on max-min vs time.

Rather disappointing.


Is there any update plan to this device for position get/set other than 0 or 100 ?

Hi again Cyril,

Yes, with the NLLV which is the new generation of shutters managing position. I gave you the reference in your other post

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager


Resurrecting this topic, but I’ve seen the new 067776A reference, I guess the difference is software only, is there any way to update existing 067776 devices to 067776A ?


Thank you;


Hello Lionel,

An electronic limitation of the NLV prevents the possibility to manage level detection. That’s why we developed the NLLV (“A” reference). So unfortunately, it will not possible to add this feature to the NLV

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

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