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Netatmo wired shutter switch - 067776


so I bought these Netatmo zigbee compatible wired shutter switches, and I'm so disappointed :

- they don't allow to set position other than fully opened or fully closed

- hence I thought, I'd implement that in my node-red server, I've measured the time required to fully open or fully close, then it's just a matter of timing things correctly.

- that would work if nobody actually uses the actual switch : these "smart" switches don't even report back if they're activated, a message like 'I'm moving up', 'I'm moving down', 'I'm stopped' would be nice (so that I can update my supposed position)

- and finally they don't event report if they're fully opened or fully closed, I've got to ask them, but polling is the last thing I want to do, smell like doing some code on a UART in the 90s.

Really, very disappointing, I wasn't expecting something like that from a company like Legrand.





I have the same switch and mine is reporting more info then you mention.

"linkquality": 39,
"position": 0,
"state": null

But the problem is that info is only updated after a few minutes! In fact after operating the switch, manually of through Zigbee, the switch makes a audible click after a few minutes. This is when the status is being updated.

For the position though, it seems there are just 3 states:

0 = fully open
50 = unknown position
100 = fully closed

I really thought there would be a calibration process to teach the switch the position based on max-min vs time.

Rather disappointing.

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