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Opening a Classe 300X13E lock from command line


I have this fantastic product, and I'd like to open the door lock through a command line call (very useful for my home automation scripts, for homebridge, for home assistant, etc).

I could easily get the lock JWT ticket through the API, but I see that to actually open the lock I must use this ticket though your iOS or Android APIs (and use the function "openActivation ( ticket:deviceEliotId:action:callback: )".

Is it possible to call this function (or any other), passing this JWT ticket, to open the lock from a command line or a script?



same for me. Very interested to integrate this capability in an OpenHAB binding

How can we use the received ticket from API?

Hey Andrea, I did some more tests with this. In the end, you're forced to use the iOS SDK to use the JWT ticket, as the SDK uses other APIs from LeGrand to call the openlock function.

I've built a quick iOS application that uses this function, using the demo provided in the SDK, where I've added SIRI support for shortcuts. This way I could call a shortcut such as "Apriti Sesamo" and the app is called. Inside the app I automated all clicks so the lock is open with no user interaction just by Siri.

This worked but the problem is that I'm not an Apple developer, so my app signature lasts only for 7 days for testing purposes. I got tired pretty soon of re-building the app every few days, so in the end I bought a wifi relay (such as those SONOFF compatibile you can find on Amazon) and soldered it to the button pins of my doorbell. The WiFi relay integrates perfectly with HomeAssistant, so now I'm able to "push" the doorbell button with Siri from Homekit.

I assume that BTicino will soon add Homekit support to their DoorBells, maybe in the next product version, but until that happens at least this works well for me.

Hope this help,


Thank you,

I think that SONOFF (or Shelly) is a workaround not a solution. I don't understand why we are forced to use MOBILE SDKs without letting us to have the same capabilities on client side (script, openhab binding and so son)


I agree that looks silly, but probably a marketing choice, to allow upselling of a new product that will allow this. 😉

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