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OpenWebNet commands for MH202 scenarios?

With the MH200N, executing scenarios from an OWN command was as simple as typing:


That ran the number #1 scenario on the MH200N.

With the MH202 that is not working. Any ideas why? am I getting something wrong?


Riesumo questo vecchio post: qualcuno ha una risposta in merito?

Ho sentito poco fa l'assistenza tecnica telefonica di Bticino e mi han confermato che "in teoria" dovrebbe funzionare il WHO=17 inserendo nel where il numero id dello scenario...

Anche a me però non funziona.....


I am re-posting this old post: does anyone have an answer on this?

I had a phone call with Bticino tech support and they confirmed that "in theory" WHO=17 should work, and entering the scenario id number in the "where"...

However, it doesn't work for me either.....

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