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"Out of call volume quota" is always

Good afternoon! I was recently engaged in integrating your API into the voice assistant Marusya, but about a week or two ago, all requests to your cloud began to return the following error.

Request-Context: appId=cid-v1:17d898fc-adbd-487e-96a4-c4287796f34d
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 11:24:54 GMT
Content-Length: 131
Content-Type: application/json
"message": "Out of call volume quota. Quota will be replenished in 12:35:06.",
"code": 18,
"retryAfterSeconds": 45306

I get the same answer when using queries through the documentation ("Try api"). Tell me please, have you changed anything recently in the API, or maybe in authentication?

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I heard we gave you a specific subscription with 1500 calls. Apparently you are not using the right one as you are blocked at 500 calls, so with the Starter Kit. You can see the subscription to use in menu API > My Subscriptions which begin with b223....

Warning : errors calls are also involved in the quota. So, beware to send correct commands to avoid 4xx errors and "waste" a part of your quota

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Yes, it's true about the 1500 call quota, but it's in the corporate subscription (for prodaction). In the letter, I indicated a problem with my personal regular 500-call StarterKit subscription. I don’t understand what the problem might be. On the analytics report (attached photo), it can be seen that only 5 requests were executed and this should not have caused the quota to be exceeded.

I checked again today - the problem persists. In 7 days, only 22 requests were completed, but for any request I get an excess of the quota.

The problem is similar in production. Therefore, I wanted to clarify there were no changes in the API on your side, or could the problem be in the account or in the application? By the way, in the Yandex Alice application, it is also impossible to synchronize devices (possibly due to the same problem, but I cannot say for sure, because I do not have access to the logs), but I am not their developer. Although in the native application H+C and HomeKit devices are displayed and can be controlled. Maybe this will somehow help clarify the situation. Thank you for your reply.


I talked to the teams about it

It seems that on your "" subscription, you are doing polling (more or less every 2 minutes) and that makes you reach the quota

Can you please confirm that your issue comes from the other subscription (the one with your name) ? If yes, we indeed saw 28 failed requests in 7 days (401 Unauthorized errors) but it should not lead to a quota exceeded error

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hello, Leslie.

That's right, with "" subscription, we poll "Legrand" cloud somewhere every 2 minutes, and temporarily decided to leave this solution (2 calls * 30 [minutes] * 24 [hours] <1500 calls, and it worked for a while). The plans were to switch to a mechanism for receiving events from your side through webhooks, but this is still only in the plans. Could there have been additional restrictions on this subscription?

With my personal subscription 16f2ff ... (another, not the situation is a little different. As I wrote above, for 7 days I rarely used the API, but I get over-quota when I execute any request through the documentation ("Try it", I note that the response comes with a code of 429 (Too many requests), and not 401 (Unauthorized errors).
Probably some additional restrictions were imposed on my subscription - is it possible?

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Hi again,

Could you please send me a JSON payload with the request you send and the full response where you see a 429 error ? For your privacy, you can send it to me via the contact form 

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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