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Outdoor lighting sensor


I get information from Legrand technical support, that there is no outdoor lighting sensor for MyHome? Is it true? Is there any other option? Please can you advise me some outdoor lighting sensor, that can be used with F428? I have to check cabels there in the house... but I think there is only BUS cabel :/. Thank you very much for your help!

SCS Outdoor PIR is 048834

An open air movement sensor wired to a Micro Module is ideal for a carport/carport. I don't know there's a requirement for those to be dimmable- - yet they're your lights.An Insteon remote movement sensor is another decision, yet block (and cement) is an impediment to RF, so it might matter where you place it.

Copying a double brilliant light utilizing Insteon isn't so handily done. You'd need a SwitchLinc dimmer and a Micro On/Off module wired in equal. The dimmer is set to your ideal On-level and the movement sensor is connected to the Micro Module.

On the off chance that you utilize an Insteon chief, for example, HouseLinc or an ISY, at that point the Micro Module shouldn't be wired to the dimmer.

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