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Problem connecting to Apple Home


I'm having an issue adding my Home+Control system to Apple Home.
The system was added to one Apple account successfully, then removed, since then we cannot add it to the current account.
When I scan the QR code, it fails saying it did not find anything. Other Apple Home compatible devices are seen when I search with the Apple Home app and Home+Control was there the first time I added to the old phone/account.
Gateway is at FW 244.

From what I read and understood, the gateway should be set in Discovery mode for Apple Home, however I don't see an option to do this.



Hello Ned,

Can you please provide me with the following information :

  • a screenshot of the error
  • does it arrive after scanning the QR code on the Gateway ?
  • The email address of the Netatmo end-user account you use with this installation (via the contact form for your privacy)


Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

I have attached the screenshot. This time it was just hanging, this screenshot was taken about 15 min after scanning the code.
Some times it would just say "No accessories found", but I wasn't able to reproduce it this time.

Normally, when I open the Apple Home app after initial setup, the Home+Control icon pops in there even without scanning the QR, it sees there is a compatible device in the same network, worst case I would have to scan the QR and it will find it.

Netatmo user account sent over the form.

I think the issue is that the Netatmo is still somehow tied to the old apple ID, even tho it was fully removed from there. So, it won't let any new ones to connect to it.

Normally I would reset everything, but this customer has allot of integrated devices like behind the Oven ( On/Off relay ) or inside the ceiling and getting to those devices to reset them would require allot disassembly 🙁

Hello Ned,

We have a security avoiding associating a product to several HomeKit accounts. For some reason, the account of your user seems to be still connected. We have a "clean" way to do only a HomeKit reset on the gateway without resetting all installation :

Make a long push on the EZ button of the gateway until it blinks ONCE in orange. It will reset HomeKit and Wi-Fi configuration. I insist on the "once", because a longer push will make the orange LED blink 2 times, which means a total reset of the installation

Normally, a 10 seconds push will reset WiFi + HomeKit, a 20 seconds push will make a full reset. He will then have to redo the Wi-Fi configuration and associate his HomeKit account

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thanks Leslie !

We'll give it a shot and let you know. Probably next week.
I'll try it out on a test gateway to make sure I don't reset the important one 🙂

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