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Question about Authorization

Hello, I would like to develop my own service running on a mini computer or raspberry.

The idea is to have a service able to monitor the presence of a person into my home (like me) and if turn on/off some lights if I am inside on my home or not.

I am facing some issues with the Authorization code, I mean from website using the "Try" button ("Get users' plants" API for example) I can get the right information. The problem I am facing is when I try to get this information using my service (I tried Python, Javascript and also CURL); how I can retrive the Authorization information?

Hi Lorenzo,

You can try to copy/paste the URL of your GET request in a web browser

Example of request :

A popup will be opened asking your credentials

Once authenticated, you can retrieve the authorization code in your address bar

Have a good day,

Leslie - Comunity Manager

Hi Leslie, thank you for your quick reply. Is the authorization code valid forever?


Hello Lorenzo,

The authorization code is valid only 10 minutes, but you need it only once if you implement the token flow

You will find more information in this topic :

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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