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Remove limit on creating number of scenes and other feature requests

Hi, I am a system integrator and below are few of the most requested features from our customers.

1) More than 8 scenes are required.

A limit on the number of scenes is limiting for a house since different people in the home require different scenarios. Also, different accounts require different scenes based on their needs.

2) 4 Scene switch for multiple rooms are required.

A single 4 scene switch for the entire house is not practical. Each rooms can have different scenes. So, 4 scene switch dedicated to the room is important.

3) Guest access should not have admin rights

Guest access should have limited rights like using automation for that single room and not the complete house. Also, giving them access to delete the owner as a user will be risky. Imagine having a guest at home and giving him access and a mischievous kid deleting the owner's access.  So, guest access should not be given the right to delete the user.

4) Fan speed control switch required.

A fan speed control is a most awaited product since switching on the fan but not being able to control the speed when I am relaxing on my couch is frustrating






I had a feedback from the teams :

1) 8 scenes limit : unfortunately, it's not technically possible to increase this limit. There is a workaround for lighting by using ZigBee lights + the incoming color light switch (not still on the market). You can configure 3 ambiances per room and different ambiances in each room

2) Several 4 scenes switches : for the moment, scenarios are "global". As for point 1, there is the color light switch workaround

3) Guest access with admin rights : indeed you are right, this is a behavior we want to make evolve. Netatmo teams should start working on it in 2023 (but I don't have any more availability date for this)

4) Fan speed control switch : this product is planned for beginning 2023


Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager


Thanks for the response.

Can you expand on the color light switch workaround.



This new switch will have 4 buttons : 3 to select a defined color, and the last one to dim them. So that, the user will be able to configure scenes in each room (but only for lighting)

I agree that it's not the same thing as a 4-scenes-switch, but according to the needs it could free buttons from the global 4-scenes to allow to link them to "not-lighting" scenes

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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