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Reporting new issues

Hello Leslie, hope you are doing good.

I've been reporting issues that my customers are facing via the Legrand support form for my country, but with no success.
Can you tell me what would be the best way to report new issues that we face along the way, would it be this Forum ?
Thank you !



Hello Ned,

The countries support form are made more for commercial/marketing/information questions. For questions concerning Eliot APIs and if you need to forward me some confidential information, you need to use this one :

Otherwise, this forum is also the right place for APIs issues

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hello Leslie.

Any news regarding the new firmware for the Basic Kit/HUB to monitor the consumption on the dimmers without neutral ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Filippos,

I suppose you are talking about the Legrand gateway firmware update to v.250. According to the release plan I have (and hoping it's up to date) the deployment started. About 5% of gateways are now updated and it's planned to reach 100% on 03/05

In the changelog, I have for fixed issues : "Fixes problem of light consumption missing in consumption graphes". So I assume that it deals with your dimmer consumption

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thanks for the rapid response Leslie.

My Gateway is still on v.211 so i will wait until it's distributed completely.

Have a good day too.

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