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Schedule, Away Mode and Timer for plug/switch devices


I suggest as a new function, to be able to schedule the plugs for hours and days of the week.

In my old house I used TP-LINK HS-110 plugs, which carried that function and you could schedule interval hours and days, even holiday season, or countdown, they are quite useful.

It would be convenient to add that functionality to your plugs.

for example, when you go to shower you can program the heater a little before

or a light when you’re not at home, to simulate that you’re inside to avoid the thieves


Hello Pablo,

You can develop scripts on your server’s application to activate a device at given times (example: you want your plug to be activated only from 8AM to 10AM on Mondays, it is possible)

Also, in a next release of Home + Control application it will be possible to manage a schedule for your devices. This feature is on beta test on our side. But it will not be manageable through the API (it would be too complex to handle for developpers)

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

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