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SCS sensor (BMSE3001) and Home+Control

Hi, I have MyHomeServer1 H+P and H+C, and I have issues with the SCS sensor.
– in H+P, I linked the sensor with lights, but the sensor doesn’t turn the lights on. I’m not sure how I should set the sensor in H+P because the only way I turn lights on is in H+C or with buttons.
– I have SCS sensor BMSE3001
– I have the latest H+P (version 1.0.16), H+C ( and the latest firmware of MyHomeServer1 (2.60.70)
@Leslie, is there any known bug regarding setting up the sensor?

Thank you for your help!
Best, Simon

Hello Simon,

I only see in our internal documentation that this device should correctly work in H+C. But unfortunately, I don’t have access to all developer’s ticket backlog for MHS1

Best is to contact the Customer Support of your country and explain them the problem

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager



I found that the detectors are given an A-PL of 0.1 and the app can seem to change them even though the user interface says that they are linked. I used MyHome suite to readdress the detector and all work well.


Thanks Eugene,

looks like with new version of Home + Project (version 1.0.18) they fixed this issue.
I managed to link sensor with lights.

Best, Simon

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