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smarther API call limit

Hello, i'm developing a plugin for smarther integration into home assistant open source hub. I'm using a starter kit subscription for development. At the moment i'm testing my integration, but the 500 call per-day limit is a serius bottleneck.

My test environment (my home plant) has 3 thermostat and the plugin check the device status every minute so we got 3 x 60 call per hour. The integration works like charme but, of course, i can use it just for a couple of ours before i got a "quota exceeded error". Is there a chance to have a different subscription (with more per-day call quota) for Home Assistan integration? I think it could be a plus for the smarther thermostat.

Best regards.

Giuseppe Farina.

Hi Giuseppe,

Did you try our webhooks ? It can significantly reduce the number of calls needed by sending you a notification when an event occurs, avoiding to have to schedule a call every minute

You can enable webhooks by following the tutorial in "Smarther" section :

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

@giuseppe.farina , have you made any progress?

However, thinking of the limit..., I don't see it enough either.

Think of this (example of a regular home like mine):

  • 10 smart switches with dimmer
  • 10 smart plugs with power meter
  • 5 roller shutters.

If I want to measure the power, how could I getting a relative stable measurement and not reach the API limit?

Every time I change a light (dimm it, power off, on, etc) I consume at least one API call. Same for blinds.

I don't see this to be enough in many real environment even using webhooks.


Needless to say, the ideal would be to have an official integration with Home Assistant from Legrand.

I also feel the same frustration as having a Legrand Smart Home system that cannot be enjoyed due to a 500 calls limit. The solution is either to raise the daily threshold of API calls to a reasonable numbers or Legrand must make a native application for HA. I hope Leslie you can give us positive feedback very soon.

Wellington for the ladt teo years i used the webhooks to update my devices status. These reduce drammaticamente the numero of calls because i use calls just to change my thermostast status.

But in the last weeks webhooks are not working vero Wellington. rhey stop working for days then they start working again....

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