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Smarther with netatmo XG8002

Hello, I'm the user

I have two thermostats, the X8000 model purchased a few years ago and the XG8002 model purchased yesterday.

Today I discovered that I cannot use them with the same android application, I have to use "thermostat" application (version 1.1.269) with the X8000 model while the model XG8002 with the "Home +" application (version In any case, from the respective applications, I can see the status of the thermostat and send commands.

Note: in both applications I log in with the same user ( and the same password

Now we come to my problem, with the old X8000 thermostat I have been using the API for years without problems.

Now I'm trying to figure out which API should I use for the new thermostat XG8002, I suppose "Home + Control" (API to manage "Legrand/Bticino with Netatmo" products). It's correct?

I made these tests, from "GET Topology" in the "Smarther - v2.0" API  I requested the list of thermostats and only the X8000 appears. Using "Get users' plants" from the "Home + Control" API, the answer is this


"plants": []


No plants therefore, but in the "Home +" application on android I created a plant called "Casa" (Home in italian) with a room called "Salone" (Living Room in italian) and inside there is the thermostat XG8002 which I called "Zona Giorno" (Living Area in italian)

Another strange thing is that if I try to access the web site using user a message appears telling me "no house configured at the moment" and that I have to download the "home + control" application on my phone and then follow the instructions. But I have already done this as I explained above.




Hello Giancarlo,

"Smarther2 with Netatmo" (XG8002) is a brand new product, different from "Smarther" (X8000). Concerning the applications - as you saw -, X8000 will stay with Thermostat application, and XG8002 is integrated to Home + Control application. As the Legrand/Bticino/Netatmo user's accounts database is merged, you can use the same credentials for your 2 products

Concerning APIs : it's planned to integrate XG8002 device in the next few months (certainly in Home + Control). We will also keep on Works with Legrand the API for the X8000

In your case, you retrieve a 200 OK response but with an empty plant when trying to reach your XG8002. It's because the call is correct but this product is not still integrated. So, I advise you to wait for the integration to be done on our side

For the access to the webapp ( : as for the API, the XG8002 part is not still implemented for the moment. But it will be soon available

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Good morning Leslie,

I bought a XG8002 device few month ago (and I planned to buy another 3 in the next month),
I installed it in the "HOME+CONTROL" app but I cannot see it in the "".

When it is planned to conclude this integration?

Best Regards


Hi Elia,

According to Netatmo Product Manager, the integration of the XG8002 into the WebApp ( is under discussion but not planned for the moment

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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