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Smarther with netatmo XG8002

Hello, I'm the user

I have two thermostats, the X8000 model purchased a few years ago and the XG8002 model purchased yesterday.

Today I discovered that I cannot use them with the same android application, I have to use "thermostat" application (version 1.1.269) with the X8000 model while the model XG8002 with the "Home +" application (version In any case, from the respective applications, I can see the status of the thermostat and send commands.

Note: in both applications I log in with the same user ( and the same password

Now we come to my problem, with the old X8000 thermostat I have been using the API for years without problems.

Now I'm trying to figure out which API should I use for the new thermostat XG8002, I suppose "Home + Control" (API to manage "Legrand/Bticino with Netatmo" products). It's correct?

I made these tests, from "GET Topology" in the "Smarther - v2.0" API  I requested the list of thermostats and only the X8000 appears. Using "Get users' plants" from the "Home + Control" API, the answer is this


"plants": []


No plants therefore, but in the "Home +" application on android I created a plant called "Casa" (Home in italian) with a room called "Salone" (Living Room in italian) and inside there is the thermostat XG8002 which I called "Zona Giorno" (Living Area in italian)

Another strange thing is that if I try to access the web site using user a message appears telling me "no house configured at the moment" and that I have to download the "home + control" application on my phone and then follow the instructions. But I have already done this as I explained above.




Hello Giancarlo,

"Smarther2 with Netatmo" (XG8002) is a brand new product, different from "Smarther" (X8000). Concerning the applications - as you saw -, X8000 will stay with Thermostat application, and XG8002 is integrated to Home + Control application. As the Legrand/Bticino/Netatmo user's accounts database is merged, you can use the same credentials for your 2 products

Concerning APIs : it's planned to integrate XG8002 device in the next few months (certainly in Home + Control). We will also keep on Works with Legrand the API for the X8000

In your case, you retrieve a 200 OK response but with an empty plant when trying to reach your XG8002. It's because the call is correct but this product is not still integrated. So, I advise you to wait for the integration to be done on our side

For the access to the webapp ( : as for the API, the XG8002 part is not still implemented for the moment. But it will be soon available

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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